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The NSW 2024 Federal Election is coming...

And we need voices in Parliament that care about people and country, not profit and greed.

Let's regain our Democracy back

Cindy Roberts is a Widjabul woman of the Bundjalung Nation, from Lismore, she is passionate about helping people and is deeply connected to her country.

Mebbingarri Cindy Roberts stands for

  • First Nations Sovereignty and the Australian Peoples right to representation and protection

  • Accountability within government and corporations

  • Protecting our Children’s future

  • Protecting Land and Waters

  • Protecting Cultural Heritage and Sacred sites

  • Human rights, Justice, Fairness, Equality

  • Protecting Wildlife and Habitat

  • Looking after Communities, supporting local Producers and Farmers

  • Supporting Local Businesses

  • Providing & supporting sustainable, Affordable housing

  • Building a higher level of self reliance within our communities

  • Affordable access to childcare

  • Supporting our Youth and looking after our Elderly

  • Providing support for those released from incarceration, to rehabilitate and reduce reoffending 

  • Raising awareness of and preventing Deaths in Custody

  • Ending Discrimination

  • Improving Mental health outcomes through cultural interventions and self determination

  • Reviews into Royal Commissions & Reforms into Legislative changes

  • Drug Law Reforms and keeping our communities safe


You can Support Cindy by

  • Sharing Cindy’s campaign with family & friends

  • Sharing your concerns for communities, representation and our future with Cindy

  • Donating to our crowd funding campaign which will help Cindy to travel around the electorate so she can meet people, print election material, keep our website going, and cover other election costs.

Whatever you can donate we will use to speak to people about what Cindy can do in Parliament to help all Australians and First Nations peoples on the lands we share. All donations will be accounted for in receiving upon donations for the campaign.

 Once we get enough funding, we're going to print some awesome T-shirts! Great designs on good quality shirts, by purchasing one you can support our campaign and get people yarning!

Supporting an Indigenous woman on an electoral platform is a great thing anyone can do for 2023!

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