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A Grass Roots Voice

From Mebbingarri Cindy Roberts a Widjabul woman of the  Bundjalung Nation talking about the Referendum & their Voice to Parliament

​We need strong leaders that care about people and country, not profit and greed.

Widjabul Tribal Nation's Treaty

With Love
meb treaty.jpg

We the undersigned Tribes/clans/families of our respective Tribal Nations hereby acknowledge, recognise, respect and support​;

  • The National Sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Widjabul.
  • The Rights of the Widjabul people to self determination.
  • The Rights of the Widjabul people to protect, defend and conserve the country, their culture and lawful rights.
  • Agree to uphold our diplomatic relations with Widjabul with respect and peace.
  • That the Rights of all the people dwelling upon Widjabul lands are protected under Widjabul Tribal jurisdiction.
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